the Power of Now
Renewable-- WHY?

No one is going to help you. You will be paying for renewable energy in the next five years.


Because of the American Dream.

We have seen that centralized energy, power, and food doesn't work. We must develop markets that foster renewable energy development and innovation at the neighborhood level, and by virtue of membership, become active members of the local and global energy markets, both renewable and conventional.

It is clear that in the area of conventional energy supply, resource availability and volatility are the primary factors for much of our financial and environmental stress.

Contrary to this, renewable energy systems, such as those made possible by geothermal, solar, and wind technology, in our own neighborhoods, makes possible the goals of resource predictability and efficient local distribution.

In our own neighborhoods we can make an investment in an energy supply that includes a resource, generation, transmission and distribution chain, that is located exactly where the power is consumed--in our homes and local businesses.

By accomplishing these goals, we will bring about the following results:

  • Zero operating resource cost
  • Sharply reduced generation cost
  • Zero additional system transmission/distribution cost
  • No change in convenience or power consumption

Think (about profits) like an energy company. Skip the new car, the new kitchen, and the weekly lottery tickets. Profit financially, environmentally, and socially through the use of renewable energy and the conditions and trends of the global power market. Initiate a plan to save and invest dollars earned through the local use of renewable energy that would otherwise be lost to the big heat and power companies. Buy "green power blue collar" and initiate a plan today!

What exactly is renewable energy?
Solar Thermal Energy
Solar Electric Energy
Geothermal Energy
Wind Power

Yesterday! The history of energy prices and deregulation show us that electric and gas rates have and will continue to become increasingly volatile in our neighborhoods.
  • Worldwide demand for heat and power is going up
  • Because of steadily increasing demand, the supply of necessary heat and power resources have and will continue to become more costly to obtain.
  • Because of increasing demand, resource commodities necessary for power generation will also become more costly to transport.
  • Weather will continue to affect heat and power prices
  • Carbon Emissions and Climate Change will remain serious economic issues everywhere
  • Political events continue to have a greater and more immediate effect on prices as commodity, transmission and distribution chains become increasingly sophisticated--and easier to disrupt


Renewable Energy is vital for homes, schools, farms, neighborhoods and local businesses.