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Owner and President, David Dwyer, is a former designer/builder, and since 1981 has been licensed in Evanston and Chicago, Illinois. His wife and partner, Toni Bark, is a successful physician, medical innovator, and businesswoman. Based on a sharply focused commitment to family and community, they entered the green building and distributed renewable energy business in 2001, starting with a plan for their own house. In 2002, they purchased, re-designed, and built the first urban geothermal drilling platform, adapting the technology and designing the process specifically for dense in-city applications. In 2003, David and Toni began the first ever 'Green Power' projects in the Chicagoland area, both of which have been featured in local and national media. Their commitment to natural capitalism and social entrepreneurship has evolved geometrically, and has been recognized in local and national media.

Since 2002, David has completed courses in geothermal system design and installation, Photovoltaic system design and installation, solar thermal design and installation, and Wind Power site assessment and installation. His focus, an extensive study of the conventional energy and power grids, in order to understand all of the financial and environmental implications of our energy future. Experience as a designer and builder has been a great advantage in understanding and implementing these products and processes.

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Think you can't afford renewable energy systems?  You can't afford not to have them!
Click here to see a breakdown of renewable energy savings for a typical Chicago bungalow over a twenty year period.


Read: "Carbon Neutral in the Windy City." The best-kept secret in green building - a hybrid geothermal-solar energy system -puts a luxurious Lincoln Park home a step ahead (Rankin, Rose. "Carbon-Neutral in the Windy City" Natural Home  July/August 2007)

"Underground Cash." The payoff in investing in geothermal energy (Lambert, Emily. Forbes  04, June 2007)

Our first 'Green Power' project, started in 2001 and completed in 2006, equipped with geothermal and solar, renewable energy.