Do you know, most of the power in this country is produced by coal, and coal is getting very expensive. The major utilities and energy companies are now buying renewable energy from solar and wind sources. They will soon sell that energy to you at retail prices. They will make a LARGE profit. Like it or not, you will pay for all the costs, overhead, and profit. You will also pay transmission fees, distribution and delivery fees; local, state, and federal taxes, delivery charges and other special assessments.

All these costs will increase exponentially (for you) year after year. Profits will increase (for them) as you struggle to pay your increasing energy bills.

This is America. No, it is not illegal to make a profit. But, what side of the profit curve do you want to be on?

To learn more about making renewable energy possible in your home or business, purchase our sixty two page book, "green power blue collar," through our secure online store. Use it to take back control of variable energy costs and demand charges, to make money and generate more savings, and in the process -do more for the environment by accident than you could possibly do on purpose.

This is about suffering and the end of suffering.

This is about use and return of natural capital through the local application of free enterprise.

It is about carbon, energy and agriculture.

It is about heat and power, food and work and business. It is about taking profits from big energy and big agriculture and big business. It is about returning those profits to ourselves and our neighbors.

This is about taking free enterprise to its natural limit.

This takes place in our homes but it is not a home improvement project. Not like a new kitchen, not even like a new furnace.

This is about not making excuses to your kids about why you did not take action when you easily could have.

This is time to forget all the Green bullshit and put your hard earned money and your hard earned strength into Green Power.

This is not about forming not-for-profits. This is not about socializing food and energy. This is about pushing free enterprise to its natural limit. This is about returning strength and security to our own neighborhoods and our own country, returning real and true value to our homes.

While we do not envision one big happy family, or an economic social service agency, we see that there is enough work and enough wealth to forget about competing with each other for money, property, or jobs.

There are plenty of threats from outside, from the global economic war that is now underway, if we want to get into serious competition

Our battle, however,  is with fear, greed, and our own ignorance. This is where the real revolution begins.

Most of us   consider ourselves Blue Collar because of the kind of work we do. Maybe we’re in a trade, or in a Teamster local, or in some form of the service industry. But the bottom line is, we work with our hands on something that’s not a keyboard.  There is a new kind of Blue Collar work that is beginning to take root in the city (ha ha).  Guess what.  It’s Farming. Urban Farming. Not urban cowboys.

It’s not like the Real McCoys or Green Acres. But it is real and it is green.  Right now it’s still in the hands of the wine and cheese crowd, but soon it will be in your neighborhood. Real people will be making a real living at this.

 Stay Tuned....