renewable energy for real people

This is the big city. Getting off the grid in the big city is a silly idea. Don't worry about how to get off the grid. Get the grid off you.

Build your own renewable energy grid on your property. One that costs nothing to build, since it pays for itself. One that gets rid of carbon emissions, and eliminates resource, transmission, distribution and administration costs almost entirely.

Then use the gas and electric grids to...

  • Provide you with the little power you need to run your grid.

  • Provide you with backup power on the rare occasions you might want it.

  • Save enough money to send your kids to college with no change in your lifestyle or theirs, and...

  • Take advantage of investment opportunities that will double your savings before you retire.

So, go big. Build a Power Block Club.. or a Neighborhood Power Group, because grid power is a valuable commodity.

Use it to make money. You'll do more for the environment by accident than you could possibly do on purpose. 

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